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Dear Sir or Madam,

according to our reminder message from 23.11.2013 we notify you that we will now deactivate your server. The access to your server is not longer possible.

I have dreamed a dream and now it is gone from me


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The truth about Whitehat and Blackhats

The truth about Whitehat and Blackhats

Next time you write an article and place a link in that article pointing towards a client of yours, you are violating Google’s TOC and there Webmaster Guidelines. If you think that writing an article by hand will justify “the exist” of that article and the link you are simply in denial – your pure soul! Stop wasting your client’s money and your time!

And if you think Google is indeed that “big brother is watching my every move” think again.. Google is becoming the biggest pattern recognition system in the world, so don’t make patterns if you want to stay in business.


Combining SEO data in Sitexploration

Did you know that you can combine data in a single query? No!, read on… You see, if you think of a website, it can normally response on and/or If you have done your server-side SEO only one of them will response with code 200 and the other will 301 redirect.

If you don’t know Sitexploration, take a look at this video to learn more

Get the Full Link profile

Now, in order to get a full view of the total link profile in one report etc. you can combine the data like that: combine:{}

Very powerful!
You can go further and a yet another subdomain – yep, www is a subdomain! combine:{,}

Woha!! – nice way to hide your linkbuilding 😉
Try to generate a PageReport and you will see how the inbound links are going to which page and/or redirects. But we are not done yet!

Running a SEO campaign

Say you are running a seo campaign and wants to rank for that keyword 😉, well first look at what the other guys are doing. Go into Google, type SEO and take the top 3 domains. Add the into your query like this: combine:{,} [*seo*]

Note the littel [*seo*] – this tells Sitexploration that we only care about links the has a anchor text where the word SEO is present.

Save this query in your monitors. Go into domian compare, select you own domain as Domain A and select you new Query as Domain B – go the data tab, and select Domain B only…

Wolla – I can fly!!
Now you got yourself a nice clean domain list to look at, if you want to rank for SEO – do the same or similar, because Google already love this otherwise they would not be on page one! Therefore do what this avid fan dose – crack there algorithm and make a ton of money 🙂

See you on top of Google!

NB:Read more about the combine feature in Danish


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The Keywords

The keywords used in this test – – can be seen here in this anchor cloud – you can also do your own anchorcloud in Sitexploration on a link profile which is pretty cool – especially in this penguin times.

To make it look naturally I have added a lot of noise to hide my real intentions which is to get it to rank on more Googlebot. Here you can see the actual keywords that I have used to load the link cannons with.

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  • read more right here
  • wordpress click here read more
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  • homepage
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  • read even more here
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Crawling and Indexing test

Yeps, it works! Crap, I forgot to validate my crawling and indexing test earlier… but I was at lunch, meetings and went for a cig. But why all the fuss? Google normally crawl new content when you ping them, true, but that doesn’t mean it will go into the index – create good content and you will be indexed.

Create inbound links, and your content page will flow link juice! – Now, we wait… Let the link cannons do their work 🙂


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More links, more GoogleBot

Behind every great man stands a great woman! the same paradigm goes down into the algorithms of Google. Maybe this is just a built in mechanism in human nature that is reflected so deep into us, that even Geeks think in this patterns 🙂

Content is king, but back links is Queen – There is no doubt that links do count, without links no one would be able to find anything, not even GoogleBot – it follows links, period!
To many SEOs out there says that PageRank dosen’t matter anymore – WRONG! It do matters, Google Crawls WebPages by PageRank – think updates of known content and finding new links, crawling depth. Our own tests has showed the same results. It is ten times as efficient to detriment a good crawl pattern directed by the known number of links.

Listen to what Googel’s Matt Cutts says in this 8 minutes long video!

We basically take page rank as the primary determinant,” says Cutts. “And the more page rank you have– that is, the more people who link to you and the more reputable those people are– the more likely it is we’re going to discover your page relatively early in the crawl.

And there is more! – Consider a new page on a blog that you use in your link network (T1). If you have created a nice level of T1 layers and you hit those pages with a link canon and create yourself a (T2) layer with thousand of links towards your first layer, you can be sure that those T1 links not only will send link juice towards your money sites, but you have created a cool indexing machine that is under your control as well. If you change a Anchor text in your T1 layer, you will see the result within days in Google’s index. Not to motions all new pages you create in your T1 layer will be found extremely fast! Don’t believe it, here is another video from Matt Cutts.

Here is the formula to smash the SERP!

  • Create great content in your T1 layer. (the link layers that points towards your money site)
  • Hit those pages in your T1 layer with thousand of links from your T2 layer (Remember to use your keywords towards T1 and a lot of noicewords to get by all those cute animals from Google)
  • If you are in a very competitive marked, you might have to create a T3 layer towards your T2 layer etc. (T2,T3,T4,T5 etc… put this on autodrive, it is very effective)
  • Go laughing to your bank and collect! – I do this!

When this post is done, think of this as a T1 towards my (T0) (Sitexploration controlled sites) I will log into Sitexploration run some querys towards SEOmoz, MajesticSEO etc. and execute a Anchor Report on each of them, export there anchortexts in a csv file and create a long list of anchors that will be used to in my automated T2 layer and T3 layers.

See you soon, and in Google, it’s all about math and anchortext diversity!



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SMX West 2012

Soon I’ll be leaving to the United States for the first time in my life to join all the intelligent men and women at SMX West in San Jose CA. It will be nothing more that awesome!