Combining SEO data in Sitexploration

Did you know that you can combine data in a single query? No!, read on… You see, if you think of a website, it can normally response on and/or If you have done your server-side SEO only one of them will response with code 200 and the other will 301 redirect.

If you don’t know Sitexploration, take a look at this video to learn more

Get the Full Link profile

Now, in order to get a full view of the total link profile in one report etc. you can combine the data like that: combine:{}

Very powerful!
You can go further and a yet another subdomain – yep, www is a subdomain! combine:{,}

Woha!! – nice way to hide your linkbuilding 😉
Try to generate a PageReport and you will see how the inbound links are going to which page and/or redirects. But we are not done yet!

Running a SEO campaign

Say you are running a seo campaign and wants to rank for that keyword 😉, well first look at what the other guys are doing. Go into Google, type SEO and take the top 3 domains. Add the into your query like this: combine:{,} [*seo*]

Note the littel [*seo*] – this tells Sitexploration that we only care about links the has a anchor text where the word SEO is present.

Save this query in your monitors. Go into domian compare, select you own domain as Domain A and select you new Query as Domain B – go the data tab, and select Domain B only…

Wolla – I can fly!!
Now you got yourself a nice clean domain list to look at, if you want to rank for SEO – do the same or similar, because Google already love this otherwise they would not be on page one! Therefore do what this avid fan dose – crack there algorithm and make a ton of money 🙂

See you on top of Google!

NB:Read more about the combine feature in Danish


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