Generic Keyword – Fuck you Google Penguin

If you ever get hit by a Google Penguin, don’t abandon the domain! Instead blast the Penguin out of the sky and your pages back into the index with a lot of generic keywords!

Here you go!

read this
read more
read here
find here
find this
find more
Click Here
Clicking Here
Go Here
Going Here
Read This
Read More
Find Out More
Discover More
Learn More
Read More Here
Discover More Here
Learn More Here
Click This Link
Visit This Link
Home Page
Visit Website
Web Site
Get More Info
Get More Information
This Site
More Info
Check This Out
Look At This
Full Article
Full Report
Read Full Article
Read Full Report
Get the facts
Related Site
Recommended Reading
Recommended Site
Visit Your URL
Check Out Your URL
Your Domain Name
article source
click for source
Additional Info
Continue Reading
More Help
Extra resources
More Bonuses
More hints
helpful resources
Our site
our website
More about the author
helpful hints
more helpful hints
next page
additional reading
find out
click here
click this
click site
my site
my website
my blog
this site
that site
important site
important source
useful content
useful source
useful site
useful reference
wikipedia reference
go here
go to my site
go to my blog
click to read more
click reference
click resources
check this
check that
check here
check my site
check my blog
check my reference
check my source
blog here
site here
website here
imp source
site link
important link
useful link
blog link
my link

…and in Spintax!

{read this|read more|read here|find here|find this|find more|Click Here|Clicking Here|Go Here|Going Here|Read This|Read More|Find Out More|Discover More|Learn More|Read More Here|Discover More Here|Learn More Here|Click This Link|Visit This Link|Homepage|Home Page|Visit Website|Website|Web Site|Get More Info|Get More Information|This Site|More Info|Check This Out|Look At This|Full Article|Full Report|Read Full Article|Read Full Report|Get the facts|Related Site|Recommended Reading|Recommended Site||Visit Your URL|Check Out Your URL|Your Domain Name|Source|article source|click for source|link|more|Additional Info|Continue Reading|Continue|Continued|More Help|Resources|Extra resources|Bonuses|More Bonuses|More hints|helpful resources|Our site|our website|More about the author|helpful hints|more helpful hints|next page|additional reading|find out|click here|click this|click site|my site|my website|my blog|this site|that site|resources|reference|important site|important source|source|useful content|useful source|useful site|useful reference|wikipedia reference|go here|go to my site|go to my blog|click to read more|click reference|click resources|check this|check that|check here|check my site|check my blog|check my reference|check my source|blog here|site here|website here|imp source|site link|important link|useful link|blog link|my link}


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