More links, more GoogleBot

Behind every great man stands a great woman! the same paradigm goes down into the algorithms of Google. Maybe this is just a built in mechanism in human nature that is reflected so deep into us, that even Geeks think in this patterns 🙂

Content is king, but back links is Queen – There is no doubt that links do count, without links no one would be able to find anything, not even GoogleBot – it follows links, period!
To many SEOs out there says that PageRank dosen’t matter anymore – WRONG! It do matters, Google Crawls WebPages by PageRank – think updates of known content and finding new links, crawling depth. Our own tests has showed the same results. It is ten times as efficient to detriment a good crawl pattern directed by the known number of links.

Listen to what Googel’s Matt Cutts says in this 8 minutes long video!

We basically take page rank as the primary determinant,” says Cutts. “And the more page rank you have– that is, the more people who link to you and the more reputable those people are– the more likely it is we’re going to discover your page relatively early in the crawl.

And there is more! – Consider a new page on a blog that you use in your link network (T1). If you have created a nice level of T1 layers and you hit those pages with a link canon and create yourself a (T2) layer with thousand of links towards your first layer, you can be sure that those T1 links not only will send link juice towards your money sites, but you have created a cool indexing machine that is under your control as well. If you change a Anchor text in your T1 layer, you will see the result within days in Google’s index. Not to motions all new pages you create in your T1 layer will be found extremely fast! Don’t believe it, here is another video from Matt Cutts.

Here is the formula to smash the SERP!

  • Create great content in your T1 layer. (the link layers that points towards your money site)
  • Hit those pages in your T1 layer with thousand of links from your T2 layer (Remember to use your keywords towards T1 and a lot of noicewords to get by all those cute animals from Google)
  • If you are in a very competitive marked, you might have to create a T3 layer towards your T2 layer etc. (T2,T3,T4,T5 etc… put this on autodrive, it is very effective)
  • Go laughing to your bank and collect! – I do this!

When this post is done, think of this as a T1 towards my (T0) (Sitexploration controlled sites) I will log into Sitexploration run some querys towards SEOmoz, MajesticSEO etc. and execute a Anchor Report on each of them, export there anchortexts in a csv file and create a long list of anchors that will be used to in my automated T2 layer and T3 layers.

See you soon, and in Google, it’s all about math and anchortext diversity!



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