Zooka – Seo semantic search experimental tools

All good things must come to an end. Zooka.dk is dead :’( but, what I have learned from the Zooka system will forever be sealed in my brain until I decide to unleash bits and pieces.

It was such a fun test of my own skills and off curse it was so funny to watch how people used the semantic system – everybody is affected by Google, and I have used many years getting rid of this search signees! I know smart people that are afraid of Google and uses words like illegally together with SEO…*WTF*!!!

Before you can get even close to be a great SEO, you will need turn to other search engines and learn there logic. I did that! I went further, I built Zooka.dk – Zooka was under the hood a great set of home grown seo tools made to gather information from Google. They do the same with us! Fuck you big G! But, I still love the way you manipulate all the panic seo suckers and wannabes out there. I just love to have a good laugh reading all the mumbo-jumbo shit there is out there.


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